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What to do if you are flooded.

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Someone from this company called the Michael Berry show today and talked about what to if you are flooded. They just replayed it a couple of minutes ago. This may help our members with the appropriate disclaimer.

I took some notes:

  1. Make your claims quickly, everybody will be swamped and you don’t want to be at the end of the line.
  2. You must take action and follow through – no one will be chasing you down to get your claim resolved.
  3. Take pictures of everything damaged. The more the better.
  4. Take pictures of the labels found on most equipment and appliances to include model and serial number that are damaged or you are going to throw away.
  5. When removing sheetrock, leave one small section on a stud that shows how high the water got to. Do this in each room if possible but insurers want to see at least one.
  6. Make a very neat and orderly claim – Line 1 / Picture 1, Line 2 Picture 2, etc.
  7. Videos give a nice overview but little detail so insurance companies don’t like them much.
  8. Be careful of contractors offering to dry out your house, there are limits to the number and durations that will be reimbursed for all the equipment they want to put in your house. If the contractor goes over the limits and days allowed you will be liable for the equipment rental. The magic words to insist are in the contract are “as per insurance proceeds”.
  9. Unpaid bills from contractors can result in a lien on your house.
  10. Many people throw away toilets, bathtubs and sinks. These are considered waterproof and typically are not covered.
  11. Key thought – if water does not touch it, insurance won’t cover it. For example, ripping out all the drywall from floor to ceiling won’t be covered above where the water reached.
  12. File claim as soon as possible, with FEMA and your insurance company.
  13. Keep all receipts.
  14. Get your AC turned on – it is a great dehumidifier.
  15. If your AC outside unit was underwater but still works get a certified tech to check it and give you a report. Many electronic parts may fail soon after a flood even though they work now. If the tech says in the report that the parts are likely to fail due to being submerged it may help your claim.
  16. Expenses outside the home are typically not covered by flood insurance but FEMA may help in this regard.
  17. The insurance companies are going to push back and you may need help to fight them. Consider a Public Insurance Adjusted to fight on your behalf.
  18. I would add, get organized and stay organized. It is likely to be a long ordeal.

These guys seem like a good place to start if looking for one.


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